These are just a sample of the balloons which you can choose from, for your table/room decorations.


A "Double Bubble" bouquet is an alternative to the basic 3 tier table decoration.  It makes your guests minds wonder how a balloon can be placed inside another balloon without bursting it.  You can have these either clear or with a print ranging from ages 18 - 100, or for weddings there is flowers,doves,hearts, Christenings - butterflies, there is an endless range for you to choose from and the balloon inside can co-ordinate with your colour scheme.  

Many decorations can use the "double bubble" idea, from top table arches to cake table displays, or as an entrance display.


"Cloud Nine Bouquets are an alternative to the top table arch, You can have 3,4 or 5 sets of balloons at the back of your top table and these can be linked together with "tulle" or can be free standing at the back of you, so when you have finished your sit down meal they can be placed around the room,  Either on the edge of the dance floor or at the entrance to your venue


The "Double Bubble" Arch can be used over the top table or buffet table.  Or if you want to go extravegant, why not have a dance floor canopy  


A balloon mouse is an ideal table decoration for a christening or a young childs birthday party.

"Basic 3 Tier Table Decoration"

 The "Basic 3 Tier table decoration" is a cheap and easy way to transform a dull room into a colourful room with height. These can either be 3,4,5,6 or 7 tier decorations and prices start at £4.50 per set.



"Balloon Arches"


 "Balloon Arches" whether it be for a top table, or cake table or entrance to a room these come in all shapes and sizes.  You can use latex balloons or foil balloons to give that wow look.



Gum Ball Balloons

"Gum Ball Balloons" is approx 4 x 5" small balloons inside a large 16" clear balloon and the small balloons are normally colour co-ordinating with your event.  These range in tiers from just one on its own, or you can have as many as you wish (however i would suggest no more than 3 as they are quite a large display)  Not only can you have little balloons inside but you may like to have them on your wedding cake table and have confetti inside the balloons also so when you cut into the cake the master of ceremonies can burst the balloon and the confetti will be an added touch to the wedding photographs. 

"3 Foot Exploding Balloon (or popping balloon as some call it)

Why not start the bridal first dance with a bang!!  This balloon is suspended over the dance floor and once detonated will cascade small balloons and confetti over the happy couple.  The children will like the effect of the confetti floating down, and then will enjoy themselves bursting all the small balllons on the dance floor.  The balloon can be detonated two different ways - the most popular is electronically and this is normally detonated by the DJ, or the cheaper option is by manually popping the balloon using a jousting pole, which is provided also.  Please note however that I would suggest that prior to you booking one of the above that you contact your venue, to ensure that they are happy with this balloon being fixed and also that there is sufficient clearance for the balloon to give the acquired effect when detonated.  


A Heart Frame,

This "Heart Frame is decorated with approx 200 small balloons coordinating with your colour scheme, and if required can have flashing or static lights incorporated into the heart frame so in the evening you can have it lit up.

 "3 Foot Balloon Column"

This "3 Foot balloon Column," is an ideal way to fill a large room if you are on a tight budget, with the  minimum amount of balloons   This can and has been used as a top table Decoration, as an entrance display or on a very large dance floor.   


A Table Buddie

This can be done in different colours to meet with your requirements, ideal for babys christening parties.

Dancing Balloon Buddies.

These are great for childrens parties, or wedding receptions to put on the dance floor as they stand approx 1.5 metres tall.  Their head is filled with hellium causing them to "bob around" on the dance floor.  They can be made in many colours, and are sure to give delight to young and old